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What is Private Status?
Private Status is a tool for private World of Warcraft servers to keep track of bugged quests, boss encounters and other elements.
No longer will you struggle to complete a quest that is simply bugged. No longer will you have to ask on global channels "Is that working?".

Your input is very important!

Private Status is a community project. The more players join the project the more complete and helpful it's database becomes. Invite your guildies and other people from your server to comment. Your input will help many other players.

How to start?

It's very simple. If your server is already on our list, just register and start commenting.
If your sever is not yet in our database, register as a user and you will be able to add it with one click of a button.

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How to comment?

Never praise a ford till you get over

Don't comment on a quest until you turn it in or use "abandon" on an unfinishable one. Put in only facts, not assumptions.

Do not duplicate comments

Someone got it right already? Instead of duplicating a comment, just upvote an existing one. Same with incorrect comments - don't hesitate to downvote them.

Do you trust your memory?

If you did a quest some time ago, do not comment on what you remember. Since then the quest might have changed. Wrong comment is worse than no comment.

Choose a correct description

  • blizzlike

    - means that there are no problems with a quest. All the dialogs work well, quest items are where they should be, etc. Do read the quest description in your Quest Log.
  • completable

    - means that the quest can be completed but not the way Blizzard intended it.
    Most common bugs are: you can use the quest item in a different place or on a different object than intended, you can pick up quest items constantly from the same spot, mobs that should be summonable are always visible.
    More subtle errors include: incorrect drop rate, incorrect mob strength or lack of abilities.
  • not working

    - there is no way the quest can be completed, e.g.: there are no mobs, no quest items to pick up, mobs that you should kill are friendly, etc.

If a quest is not working like intended, your comment will be a lot more helpful if you describe what is wrong with it.
Database contains information required for the addon to work.

Database types

Addon database comes in two types:
  • Full version - contains quest status and all the comments (rated above -3).
  • Light version - contains only quest statuses.
Full version should work well on any modern computer. However if you are concerned about memory use, you can use the light wersion.
Database file is updated everyday at midnight.
User privileges
Unregistered - every user visiting the site.
  • can comment, but has to answer security question every time
  • cannot vote on comments


- user who registered himself on the site.
  • can comment and vote on comments
  • can see own comment history through profile
  • can be promoted to moderator by server owner


- user promoted by server owner, has additional privileges.
  • can cancel comments
  • can see detailed information about users
  • has access to server statistics
  • user can be a moderator of only one server


- person who added the server to Private Status.
  • can promote moderators (only among registered users, not moderators)
  • can edit server details


- staff member at Private Status.
Advanced topics
To help developers, Private-Status employs these additional functionalities:

Searching by ID

For quick finding of objects with known id, website allows the following shortcut: http://private-status.com/server_number/?id=X


It is possible to get server data in JSON format. Address syntax is as follows:
  • http://private-status.com/json/ - will return a dictionary with all available servers
  • http://private-status.com/json/?s=X - will return info about server X
Additionaly you can specify the pretty=1 option, which will make the output more human friendly (indentations, lines ending with '\n').