We are back in action.

2016-04-03 20:49:16

All services are now active. Look for new features in the next few days.
Here is a minor list of planned features.
1 - A user forum.
2 - Updated data for Cata, MoP, & WoD.
3 - Updated addon for all versions.
4 - More user friendly interface.

Thanks for your patients during this transfer. AlterEgo.

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Transfer finally done

2016-04-03 18:54:52

Today, the site ownership was finally transferred to Alter Ego. It took far longer then we anticipated, sorry about that. On the bright side - the new owner is an active participant in WoW emulation community, so the site will be in really good hands.

Me - Silhouette - would like to thank you all for the long years together. Best of luck to you all!

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Transfer to a new server

2016-01-30 15:58:20

The only person who responded to the plea for continuing the work on Private-Status was an admin of Project SkyFire, so this weekend we will be attempting a transfer to his server.

Expect outages.

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Change is needed

2015-11-16 14:25:53

Dear players!

I am the creator and only member of the Private Status team. I started playing World of Warcraft on private servers even before TBC. I have created this site for the players who wanted to help in development of their server's community. I played on private servers until Cataclysm came, 5 years ago. I've stopped playing alltogether 3 years ago.

As you might have noticed, the site has not been updated in quite a while - I just don't have time for it anymore.

That's why I'm looking for successors. I'd like to pass the site to someone who will continue the work, for the benefit of the whole community.

So if you:
  • are active on the WoW scene and trusted by the community,
  • can host a website,
  • are willing to develop this site for the benefit of all the private servers,
write to admin@private-status.com. In two weeks all the offers will be put to vote.

Some technical details:
  • Site is written in Django 1.4, uses MySQL.
  • The code is not the best quality, but not worst either.
  • Page has ~750 views per day.

I hope that the effort of many players across the years will not go to waste.
- Silhouette

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Translators wanted

2014-03-02 22:09:19

Hi there!
Recently there are more and more international servers on our site. It would be cool if users from different countries could use Private-Status in their own language.

So if you are fluent with some language (native speakers preferred), you know english (original texts are in english) and you have some spare time to help our community - then write to the administrator.

Most needed are russian, spanish and german versions, but we will be happy to add any other language.

Thank you!

Big thanks to Release of DeathSide for the russian translation!

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Problems with site availability

2014-01-12 22:59:49

We are aware that the site has been slow lately. We are becoming more and more popular and our server struggles during the rush hours. Thank you for your understanding.

At the same time we are working on improving the site. Today we carried out updates that should shorten page load times (if you see any bugs, please report them to kontakt@private-status.com).

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PrivStat Addon - other WoW versions

2013-07-29 21:28:35

Official (though not developed for some time now) addon Private Status supports game version 3.3.5a, that is WotLK.
Resourceful players using other WoW versions took matters into their own hands and modified the addon to work with different game versions.

• Siof from Hellground prepared a version for 2.4.3, that is TBC. Repo can be found at BitBucket.

• Armano from Atlantiss modified the addon to work with 4.0.6, that is Cataclysm. Link to the addon can be found at Atlantiss forum.

We encourage everyone to further develop the addon and share their work with other players.

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[message not available in your language, sorry]

2012-06-01 02:44:29

[message not available in your language, sorry]

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[message not available in your language, sorry]

2012-05-08 18:46:20

[message not available in your language, sorry]

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Cataclysm Servers

2012-05-02 15:36:30

We are proud to announce that Private status now supports the latest WoW addon.

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2012-04-25 12:50:28

After much feedback from our users we've decided to take a swing at servers based on the latest expansion. Right now we are completing our database. When it is ready we will enable the option to register Cata servers.

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List of skills wanted

2011-06-30 07:06:32

We are looking for a complete and up to date (3.3.5) list of skills (spells). If you have such a list or know where to find one then please let us know.

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New functionalities

2011-03-30 06:23:43

We've added two new functionalities. We hope you will find them useful.
First one is Shoutbox, which should allow our users to communicate, thus strengthening the bonds of our community.
Second one is Quest Admin (available only to moderators) which will allow easier tracking of statuses of various game elements.

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Rating skills and talents

2011-02-23 21:17:49

We've added a new functionality: you can now comment on skills and talents. List may be incomplete and some descriptions might be missing. Should you see such bugs please let us know by clicking "See a mistake?" in the upper right corner of the description. Happy commenting!

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Nexus Contest - Results!

2011-02-01 07:31:15

Please read in polish.

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Nexus Contest - Disqualifications

2011-01-30 19:20:40

Please see the polish version.

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Welcome new users!

2011-01-08 18:38:45

We are very happy that the site is gaining popularity. We hope that Private Status will be a valuable tool for growing number of players. However, we would like to clarify some things:

1) First of all - please read the help.

2) Administration does not read all the comments, so asking questions in them is pointless. Instead, please use the contact form.

3) Our database is based on wowhead's one and is not perfect. Some descriptions may be inaccurate, some quests may be redundant . We are working on tools that will help eliminate these mistakes. Please be patient.
EDIT: Option for reporting quest errors has been added.

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AddOn patches

2011-01-08 15:37:56

Patches have been made to the addon, so the bug with marking quest log headers should be fixed (screen from Iridion). Please try the new version and comment.

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Big contest for Nexus players

2010-12-17 22:16:41

This post is not available in english. Please see the polish version.

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